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  abstract = {We investigate the development of a graph reduction machine
                  for a higher-order functional logic language by extension of
                  an appropiate architecture for purely functional
                  languages. To execute logic programs the machine must be
                  capable of perfoming unification and backtracking. We show
                  the integration of these mechanisms in a programmed
                  (functional) graph reduction machine. The new machine has
                  been implemented on a transputer system.}
  author = {Juan Jos{\'{e}} {Moreno-Navarro} and Herbert Kuchen and Rita
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  abstract = {The paper investigates the implementation of lazy narrowing
                  in the framework of a graph reduction machine. By extending
                  an appropriate architecture for purely functional languages
                  an abstract graph narrowing machine for a functional logic
                  language is constructed. The machine is capable of
                  performing unification and backtracking. The techniques used
                  in functional languages to cope with lazy evaluation are not
                  directly applicable, but must be modified due to the logic
                  component of the implemented language. A prototype
                  implementation of the new machine has been developed.}

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