@comment{{Al final apareciĆ³ en 2018}}
  author = {Julio Mari{\~{n}}o and Juan Jos{\'{e}} {Moreno-Navarro}},
  title = {Magic Set Transforms for Functional Logic Programs},
  booktitle = {Workshop on Functional and Logic Programming,
                  Baiersbronn-Schwarzenberg (Germany)},
  year = {1995},
  organization = {University of Dortmund},
  month = jan,
  annote = {An attempt to translate the techniques of bottom-up
                  evaluation from databases and logic programming to
                  functional logic programming. These were relevant to us as
                  an alternative approach to avoid recomputations due to the
                  interaction between nondeterminism and laziness.  The
                  overall result is negative: we actually show that lazy
                  evaluation is incompatible with an efficient evaluation
                  mechanism based on magic set transforms.}

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