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MTP (More Than Parsing) is an ongoing tool for describing context free grammars of programming languages (lexical and semantical analyzer generator). Grammars are described in GONF (Generalised Object Normal Form), a syntax definition formalism that demands thinking about their abstract syntax from the beginning.


The aim of the project is to automatically generate, from an GONF specification, a concise and relevant abstract syntax tree (AST) class structure, as well as a parser and various visitors.


The advantage is that these components are generated from concrete syntax without semantic actions by just imposing syntactic and semantic restrictions on context-free grammars. The components can be generated for different target languages supporting parametric polymorphism and subtyping or disjoint sums of types.



People currently involved in the development of this tool are Ángel Herranz and Pablo Nogueira in the theorical basis and Ivan Pérez, Héctor Fuertes and Raul Gomez. Alfonso Acosta, Jaime Nuche, Diego Moreno and Ester Nuñez Vidal also helped to develop MTP.

If you are interested in the project or have any questions, we encourage you to contact anyone from our Group or subscribe to the development mailing list.

We are using a software control management based on trac and subversion. Latest stable release of mtp is 0.2.1, current testing release is 0.3.1. Both of them can be downloaded from here.

Any suggestion regarding the project will be welcome, contact